Merge Sort in C

Merge Sort in C . Merge sort is a popular sorting algorithm known for its efficiency and reliability. Merge sort follows the divide and conquer approach, breaking down the sorting task into smaller sub-problems until the base case is reached, and merging the sorted solutions to form the final sorted array. In this article, we … Read more

Implementing LRU Page Replacement Algorithm in C

In computer science, memory management is a critical aspect of operating systems. One of the fundamental challenges in memory management is efficiently managing available memory by replacing pages when the memory becomes full. The Least Recently Used (LRU) page replacement algorithm is a widely used method that evicts the least recently used page when new … Read more

Insertion Sort

In this artcle we are going to learn about insertion sort algorithm and insertion sort implementation in java. Insertion sort:- In insertion sort the array is divided into two parts first part is sorted and second part is unsorted. To start with sorted array will have only first element in sorted array and the all … Read more

Array Sorting

In this article, we are going to discuss about array sorting and diffrent ways to sort an array and there implementation. What is Array Sorting:- Sorting means arranging items either in ascending order or descending order. Arranging an array’s elements either in ascending order or descending order is known as array sorting. We can sort … Read more

Binary Search in Java

In this article we are implementing binary search in java. Binary search is one of the most efficent searching algorithm aplicable only on sorted arrays. Here we are going to write the binary search program in java. if you want to learn about binary search algorithm you can check our post on binary search algorithm … Read more

Binary search algorithm

In this article, We are going to learn binary search. Binary search is one of the searching algorithm only aplicable on sorted array. Binary Search:- If we have to perform searching in given array which is alreay sorted then binary search is efficent searching algorithm. works as follow Binary Search Algorithm works as follows:- During … Read more