Python program to convert kilometers to miles

Writing a Python program to convert kilometers to miles is a great exercise for beginners to learn basic programming concepts in Python such as input handling, performing arithmetic operations, and output display.

Python Program that Converts Kilometers to Miles

Here is a simple Python code that converts Km to Mile

In the above code

  • We ask the user to input the value in KM.
  • Since input() returns a string then we have to convert the string value to a float
  • Then by applying the conversion formula to convert km in miles, we get the value in miles.
  • In the end, using print()we printed the result in Miles.

Extend the Program (Optional)

If you want to make the program more robust, consider handling potential errors, such as:

  • User inputs that are not numbers
  • Negative numbers

This simple Python program teaches you to handle user inputs, perform calculations, and output results. It’s a practical way to get familiar with Python’s syntax and its core concepts.

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