Dockerizing your Spring Boot Application

Dockerizing your Spring Boot Application. Creating a Docker container for a Spring Boot application allows you to deploy and scale your application seamlessly across different environments. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to dockerize your Spring Boot application. Prerequisite Before you start, ensure that you have the following installed: Create a Spring Boot Application If … Read more

What is the Eureka Server

Eureka Server, a pivotal component of Netflix’s Eureka, stands at the forefront of microservices architecture, playing a crucial role in service discovery. As the digital world increasingly adopts microservices, understanding the Eureka Server’s functionalities, benefits, and how it integrates into the microservices ecosystem becomes essential. Introduction to Eureka Server Eureka Server originates from Netflix’s Eureka, … Read more

createDatabaseIfNotExist Property in Spring Boot

Spring Boot, a powerful framework for building Java applications, offers numerous features to streamline the development process. One of the key aspects of any application is its database configuration. In Spring Boot, configuring databases becomes more convenient with various properties, among which spring.datasource.createDatabaseIfNotExist holds significant relevance. Introduction to spring.datasource.createDatabaseIfNotExist The spring.datasource.createDatabaseIfNotExist property is an attribute … Read more

Storing Images in MySQL Database Using Spring Boot

In modern web applications, storing images in databases is a common practice, allowing for centralized data management and retrieval. In this tutorial, we are going to store images in a MySQL database using Spring Boot. Prerequisites Before we start, ensure you have the following prerequisites: Setting Up the Spring Boot Project Create a Spring Boot … Read more

Spring Boot Annotations Cheat Sheet

As a powerful tool in the field of Java and enterprise application dynamism, Spring Boot simplifies initial project setup, reduces development time, and effortlessly manages dependencies with a powerful annotation-based configuration. This article serves as a comprehensive cheat sheet on the numerous annotations available in Spring Boot, promising to provide simple, ready-to-use tips for developers. … Read more

Spring Boot CRUD Operations with MongoDB

Spring Boot has become the go-to choice for developers when it comes to building robust and scalable applications. MongoDB, on the other hand, is a NoSQL database known for its flexibility and scalability. Combining Spring Boot’s power with MongoDB we can create efficient and high-performing applications. In this article, we are going to show you … Read more

Spring Security with Spring Boot – Basic Authentication

In this article, we are going to implement basic spring security in spring boot application . We will first create a simple Spring Boot application after that we will use login password authentication of spring security on our spring boot application. What is Spring Security? Spring Security is a framework that provides the feature of … Read more

Spring Boot API Documentation using Swagger

For providing API details to the consumer it’s required to well documents all the API of microservices. Consumers should know the use of a particular API and the data required for making API calls. In spring boot we can well document our API using swagger. You can also test your APIs with swagger for this … Read more

Spring boot MongoDB Tutorial

In this article, we are going to see how we can perform crud operations with Spring Boot and MongoDB Creating spring boot application The first step is to create a spring boot application we MongoDB dependency. For creating a spring boot application using the spring boot initializer and all required dependencies with MongoDB dependencies for … Read more

User Authentication Service Using Spring Boot

In this article, we are going to create a user authentication Service for our full-stack project, for this authentication service we use spring boot and MySQL Create a Spring Boot Project Let’s start with creating spring boot project . Go to and create a spring boot maven project with data JPA, mqsql, lambok and … Read more