Area of Square in Python

Area of Square in Python. Writing a Python program to calculate the area of a square is a fundamental exercise that can help beginners understand the basics of mathematical operations and user input in Python.

Formula of Area of Square

The formula for the area of the square is-

Area = side x side

Writing the Python Code for Area of Square

Open your text/code editor and create a new file named ‘’. Then follow these steps to write your program.

Prompt the User for the Side Length

First, you need to get the length of the square’s side from the user. You can use the input() function for this purpose and since input() return a string, You will need to convert this input into a number (float or integer) to perform mathematical operations.

Calculate the Area

Next, calculate the area of the square using the formula mentioned earlier.

Printing the Result

Finally, display the result using the print() function

Python Program for Area of Square

Python Program for Area of Square

Congratulations!! You have just written a simple Python program to calculate the area of a square. This exercise not only demonstrates how to perform mathematical calculations in Python but also introduces basic concepts such as user input and output, variable usage, and type conversion.

Happy Coding & Learning

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