C Program to Search an Element in an Array

In this article, we are going to write a C program to search for an element in the given array.


The objective of this C program is to search for a given element within an array. This will involve iterating through the elements of the array and comparing each element with the target value to determine if a given element exists within an array or not.

C Program to Search an Element

Let’s write a C program that searchhes for a given elment within an array.


C Program to Search an Element

The above C program asks the user to input the size of the array and its elements. after that ask the user to enter the elements to be searched. After that using a loop, it iterates through the array element and compares each element with the the target value. If the element is found it updates the flag value to 1. If flag==1 then it prints “Element is present in the array” else it prints “Element is not present in the array”.

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