Calculator Program in C Using Switch Statement

Programing invloves creating solution for real world problems. In this article we will see how to devlop a simple C program that takes two operends and one operator from user, perform the requested operation and prints the result.

Problem Statement- WAP that takes two operands and one operator from the user, perform the operation,and prints the result by using Switch statement.

C Program for Calculator Using Switch Statement

In this C program for calculator, we will use switch statements for efficiently handling multiple operations.


C Program for Calculator Using Switch Statement

Explanation of Above C Program

  • The program asks the user to enter the first operand, operator, and second operand by using printf and scanf functions.
  • The switch statement is used to perform an appropriate operation based on the entered operator. the switch statement efficiently handles multiple cases making the code more readable.
  • The above C program also checks for division by 0 when the operator is ‘/’ to avoid undefined behavior.
  • The result of the operation is displayed by using the print function.

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