createDatabaseIfNotExist Property in Spring Boot

Spring Boot, a powerful framework for building Java applications, offers numerous features to streamline the development process. One of the key aspects of any application is its database configuration. In Spring Boot, configuring databases becomes more convenient with various properties, among which spring.datasource.createDatabaseIfNotExist holds significant relevance.

Introduction to spring.datasource.createDatabaseIfNotExist

The spring.datasource.createDatabaseIfNotExist property is an attribute that can be set in the or application.yml file in a Spring Boot application. Its primary function revolves around the handling of database creation during the application’s startup process.


When this property is set to true, Spring Boot automatically attempts to create the specified database if it doesn’t exist. This feature can be particularly beneficial, especially in scenarios where the application needs to work with databases that might not have been pre-configured or initialized.

Key Points to Consider

  1. Conditional Database Creation: By setting this property to true, developers can automate the process of creating databases, reducing the manual effort required to ensure database availability.
  2. Database Connection Configuration: It works in conjunction with other database-related properties (spring.datasource.url, spring.datasource.username, spring.datasource.password, etc.), ensuring proper connectivity and initialization of the database.
  3. Data Loss Risk: While convenient, enabling automatic database creation might pose a risk of data loss, especially in production environments. This property should be used judiciously, considering its implications.
  4. Compatibility: The behavior might differ based on the specific database system used (MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, etc.), as not all databases support automatic creation in the same manner.

Implementation Example of createDatabaseIfNotExist

We can configure createDatabaseIfNotExist Property in Spring Boot in two ways

Option 1

Let’s consider an example configuration in the file

Option 2

We can also use this property in the following way

The spring.datasource.createDatabaseIfNotExist property in Spring Boot offers a convenient way to automate database creation during application startup. While it can streamline development and setup processes, it’s crucial to use this feature thoughtfully, understanding its implications on data integrity, security, and the specific database system being used.

Developers should consider their application’s requirements, evaluate the risks, and employ appropriate measures to ensure the safe and efficient utilization of this property within their Spring Boot projects.

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