Factorial Program in C – C Programming

In this article we are going to claculate factorial of a number using C Program. You can check more C Programming tutorial in C section .

Factorial in C

Steps for Calculating Factorial in C

  • Create a variable result and initialize by 1 because factorial of 0 is 1 (factorial base condition)
  • take a non negative input from user to calculate Factorial using Scanf()
  • run a for loop from i=1 to i <= number
  • perform result = result*i
  • End of loop
  • print the result
  • Exit

Factorial Program in C

void main ()
  int number, i, result = 1;
  printf ("enter the number\n");
  scanf ("%d", &number);
  if (number >= 0)
      for (i = 1; i <= number; i++)
	  result = result * i;
      printf ("factorial of %d = %d", number, result);
    printf (" Wrong Input");

Factorial Program in C output

Factorial Program in C

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