How to Run Python File in Terminal

How to Run Python File in Terminal. Running a Python file from the terminal is a fundamental skill for any developer working with Python. It enables you to execute your script and see the result directly in your command line interface. Whether you are on Windows macOS or Linux, running a Python file is straightforward once you know the steps. This article will guide you on how to run Python file in a terminal.

Step1: InstallPython

Before you can run a Python file, you must have Python installed on your system. You can check if Python is installed and determine its version by opening a terminal or command prompt and typing the following command.

If Python is installed, this command will display the version. If not you will need to download and install Python from the official Python website(

Step2: Navigate your Python File

Once the Python is installed, Navigate to the directory containing the Python file you wish to run.

Step3: run the Python File

After navigating to the directory containing your Python file you can execute the file by typing the following command into terminal.

Replace ‘’ with the actual name of your Python file.

Note: On some systems particularly where Python 2 and Python 3 are installed, you might need to use python3 instead python to ensure the correct version of Python is used.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Python Command Not Found: If you receive an error indicating that the python the command is not found, ensure that Python is properly installed and its installation directory is edited to your system’s PATH environment variable.
  • Syntax Error: If your Python code contains syntax errors, Python will display an error message in the terminal. review the error message for details on where the problems occur in your code.

Running a Python file from the terminal is a simple and easy process that requires just a few steps: Ensuring Python is installed, Navigating to your Python file, and executing the file with the python or python3 command. This capability is essential for testing, debugging, and running your Python script, providing immediate feedback on your code’s execution. With practice running Python files from the terminal will become second nature, enhancing your productivity and efficiency as a Python developer.

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