Python Program to Find Armstrong Numbers Within an Interval

Python Program to Find Armstrong Numbers Within an Interval. An Armstrong number also known narcissistic number is a number that is equal to the sum of its own digits each raised to the power of the number of digits. This interesting property makes Armstrong numbers a popular topic in introductory programming courses. In this tutorial, we will write a Python program that can find all Armstrong numbers in a given interval.

Writing the Python Program

The main component of our Python program will include:

  • A function to determine if a number is an Armstrong number.
  • A loop to iterate through an interval and apply the function.

Function to Check Armstrong Numbers

Let’s start by writing a Python function to check if a number er is an Armstrong number.

This function converts the number to a string to loop through each digit, raises it to the power of the number of digits, sums these values, and checks if the sum is equal to the original number.

Finding Armstrong Number in an Interval

Now, We need to define our interval and use a loop to find all Armstrong numbers within the given range.

This function iterates through each number in the specified interval and checks if it is an Armstrong number using our 'is_armstrong'function. If it is, the number is added to the list 'armstrong_number'.

Running the Program

Finally, Let’s put it all together and run our function for a specific interval.

Armstrong number in Python

Congratulations, you now have a Python script capable of identifying Armstrong numbers within a given interval.

Happy Coding & Learning

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