Sum of Array Elements in C

Sum of Array Elements in C. In the world of programming especially for beginers, understanding how to manipulate arrays and perform operations on their elements is foundational. Among these operations calcualting the sum of all these elements within an array standout as a crucial task.

Problem Statement: WAP that simply takes elements of the array from the user and finds of the sum of these elements.

How to Calculate Sum of Array Elements

To solve the problem as mentioned above-

  • First, we are going to take elements of array input from the user.
  • Will declare a variable sum.
  • Iterate through the array and add all elements with the variable sum.
  • Print the sum.

C Program for Sum of Array Element


C Program for Sum of Array Element

In the above C program –

  • Program ask user to enter the number of elements in the array.
  • Takes input for elemnt from the array for user.
  • Calculated the sum by using the a loop.
  • At the end print the result.

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