Transpose of Matrix in C

Matrix manipulation is a fundamental abstract for computer programming, particularly in scientific and mathematical applications. One crucial operation is the transpose of a matrix in which we have to swap its rows and columns. In this article, we are going to write a C program to find a transpose of a matrix.

Matrix Transpose

The transpose of a matrix is a new matrix formed by interchanging it’s rows with columns.

C Program to Find Transpose of a Matrix


C Program to Find Transpose of a Matrix

How the Above C Program Works?

  • The program starts with the main method and the user enters the matrix. If you don’t know how to take matrix input in C refer to this tutorial – Matrix Input and Output in C
  • After that, we calculate a transpose of the matrix by using nested loop and interchange values of rows with the columns.
  • At the end, we print both matrices original matrix entered by the user, and transpose of matrix found by our C program.

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