what is java ?

In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of java what is java? uses of java advantage of java disadvantage of java etc.

java basics

History of java:-

java is one of the famous programming languages. it was developed by “James Gosling” in 1995 at sun microsystems. The development of java starts in 1991. This effort evolved a language name Oak and later renamed Java. In the beginning, the objective of java is to create a common development environment for the consumer. java code can be executed on any operating system.

on January 27, 2010, Oracle corporation bought java from Sun Microsystems.

Compilation and execution process of java:-

firstly java source code is compiled using the javac compiler and Byte code is generated. this byte code is machine-independent code. This byte code can be executed on any platform using a java virtual machine(JVM) i.e. java is platform independent language. JVM uses JIT(just in time) to convert byte code into machine language.

java compilation and execution

Advantages of java:

  • java is platform independent.
  • java is object oriented language.
  • java is a secured programing language.
  • java support multithreading.

Disadvantages of java:-

  • java is slow.
  • java provides no backup facilities.
  • java required more memory space in comparison to C and C++.

Uses of java:-

  • Web app devlopment.
  • Desktop applications.
  • Distrusted applications.
  • IOT devlopment.
  • and many more.

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