2d Array Input in Java

2d Array Input in Java. How to take 2d array input in Java. In this article, we will explore how to efficiently take input for a 2d array in Java, a fundamental skill for programmers.

Taking Input for 2d array in Java

The process for taking 2d array input in Java involves iterating through the array row and column and assigning value to each element. We can acheive this by using nested loop and Scanner object for input.

2d Array Input Java Example


2d Array Input Java Example

The above Java program first asks users to enter several rows and columns. After that Java program asks users to enter elements of the 2d array(as a size specified by the user – no of rows and columns) . At the end Java program prints the 2d array entered by user. After taking 2d array input we can perform all required operations on 2d array.

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