C Program to Find Area of Rectangle Using Function 

In this article we are going to create a C program to compute the area of a rectangle using functions, demonstrating the modular and organized nature of C programming.

C Program to Find Area of Rectangle Using Function 

Understanding the Problem

The area of a rectangle is calculated by multiplying its length and width. To compute this in C, we will create a program that takes input for the length and width of the rectangle from the user and calculates its area using a separate function.

Writing the C Program to find Area of Rectangle Using Function

#include <stdio.h>

// Function to calculate the area of a rectangle
float calculateArea(float length, float width) {
    return length * width;

void main() {
    float length, width;

    // Taking user input for length and width of the rectangle
    printf("Enter the length of the rectangle: ");
    scanf("%f", &length);

    printf("Enter the width of the rectangle: ");
    scanf("%f", &width);

    // Calling the function to calculate area and storing the result
    float area = calculateArea(length, width);

    // Displaying the calculated area
    printf("The area of the rectangle is: %.2f\n", area);



area of rectangle in c

Explanation of the Program

  1. Header Files: The #include <stdio.h> statement is included for input/output operations.
  2. calculateArea Function: This function takes two arguments—length and width—and returns the product of these values, which represents the area of the rectangle.
  3. main() Function:
    • Declares variables length and width to store user-input values.
    • Prompts the user to input the length and width of the rectangle using printf() and scanf() functions.
    • Calls the calculateArea() function with user-provided length and width as arguments and stores the result in the area variable.
    • Displays the calculated area using printf().

Creating a C program to find the area of a rectangle using functions showcases the organization and modular approach of C programming. Functions allow us to encapsulate specific tasks, promoting reusability and readability of the code. Understanding these fundamentals of C programming forms a solid foundation for tackling more complex problems efficiently.

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