C Program to Calculate Sum and Percentage of Marks

C, being a powerful and widely used programming language, allows developers to create efficient programs. In this tutorial, we’ll create a program that accepts marks for five subjects and calculates both the sum and the percentage marks obtained by a student. Problem Statement WAP that accepts the marks of 5 subjects and finds the sum … Read more

Arithmetic Operations Using Switch Case in C

Arithmetic operations play a fundamental role in computer programming, enabling developers to perform calculations and manipulate numerical data efficiently. In the C programming language, one way to execute arithmetic operations is by utilizing switch-case statements, providing a structured and organized approach to handle different mathematical operations. Switch Statement in C The switch case statement in … Read more

Finding the Largest of N Numbers Using C Program

C programming offers a versatile platform for solving various computational problems, including finding the largest of N numbers. This problems involves identifying the maximum value among a given set of numbers. Understanding the Problem The primary objective is to write a C program that can determine the largest number among a given set of N … Read more

C Program to Find the Length of a String

In the realm of C programming, strings represent sequences of characters terminated by a null character ‘\0’. Determining the length of a string—measured as the number of characters present within it—serves as a fundamental operation when working with strings. Let’s write a C program to find the length of a string and understand the underlying … Read more

C Program to Multiply Two Numbers

Multiplication is a fundamental arithmetic operation used to find the product of two numbers. In C programming, creating a program to multiply two numbers is a straightforward yet essential task, offering a foundational understanding of arithmetic operations and data manipulation in the language. Multiplication in C In C, multiplication of two numbers is achieved using … Read more

C Program to Add Two Numbers

C programming provides a straightforward approach to adding two numbers. This involves declaring variables to store the numbers, taking user input for the numbers, and performing the addition operation using the ‘+’ operator. Finally, the result is displayed to the user. C Program to Add Two Number The following C code perform addition of two … Read more

C Program to Swap Two Numbers Using Pointers

In the world of C programming, pointers stand as powerful entities that facilitate direct memory manipulation. Pointers hold memory addresses and allow us to access and modify data indirectly, offering flexibility and efficiency in programming. Let’s write a simple C program that swaps the values of two numbers using pointers C Pointer Basics A pointer … Read more

Binary Search in C

Binary search is an efficient search algorithm that works only on sorted data. It is based on the principle of dividing the search space in half until the target value is found. This algorithm is much faster than linear search, especially when dealing with large datasets. In this article we are going to implement Binary … Read more

C Program for Addition of Two Numbers

Addition is one of the basic operation in the world of computer programming. In This article we are going to see a c program for addition of two numbers. C Program for Addition of Two Numbers In the C program above, we first declare two variables named a and b. After that, we ask the … Read more