C Program to Reverse a Sentence

Manipulating strings and characters is a fundamental skill in the world of programming, and one common task is reversing sentences. Reversing a sentence involves rearranging the words in the sentence in the reverse order. In this article, we will write a C program to reverse a Sentence.

Reverse Sentence in C

Let’s write a C program to perform String reversal –


Reverse Sentence in C

How Above C Program Works for Reverse a string

  • The function named reverseSentence takes a pointer to a character array as an argument.
  • The function starts by calculating the length of the input sentence by using strlen(), to pointer start=0 and end=length-1.
  • A while loop is used to reverse an entire sentence. Characters at position pointed by start and end are swapped.
  • Another while loop is used to swap each word individually. The outer loop while(i<length) iterates through the sentences and the inner loop while (sentence[i] != ' ' && sentence[i] != '\0') is used to identify the end of each word. At the end, each word is reversed by swapping characters and the outer loop continues until the entire sentence is processed.

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