Dockerizing your Spring Boot Application

Dockerizing your Spring Boot Application. Creating a Docker container for a Spring Boot application allows you to deploy and scale your application seamlessly across different environments. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to dockerize your Spring Boot application. Prerequisite Before you start, ensure that you have the following installed: Create a Spring Boot Application If … Read more

How to Get Last Element of List in Python

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Using switch Statement in Python

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Golang Print to Console

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Struct in C

Struct in C. In the world of c programming, structures, commonly known as struct, play an important role in organizing complex data. Structs allow us to create a data type that can group variables of different types under a single name. This capability is invaluable for developing applications that require a high degree of data … Read more

Swapping Values of Two Variables in C

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C Program to Print Pyramid Pattern

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Ternary Operator in C

In the world of C programming, the ternary operator stands as a concise and powerful tool for making decisions within a single line of code. Often regarded as the conditional operator, its unique syntax and versatility make it an essential element for developers striving for both clarity and efficiency in their code. This article aims … Read more