Matrix Multiplication in C

How to perform matrix multiplication in C? Matrix multiplication is a common operation in scientific computing, computer graphics, and various mathematical applications. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to perform matrix multiplication in the C programming language.

Matrix Multiplication

Matrix multiplication is a binary operation in which two matrices as the input and another matrix is the output. If matrix A has dimension mxn and matrix B has dimenssion nxp then resultant matrix C will have dimenssion mxp. Each element in the product matrix C is obtained by multiplying elements from corresponding rows of matrix A and columns of B, followed by summing the products.

C Program for Matrix Multiplication


C Program for Matrix Multiplication

Explanation of the above C Program

  • The above C program starts by asking users to enter the dimensions of both matrices.
  • After that program checks if matrixmultiplication is possible or not if (m1 != n2).
  • After that program declares three matrices A, B, and C with dimensions specified by the user.
  • The program asks the user to enter the elements of both matrices.
  • Perform the matrix multiplication by using three for loop and store the result in matrix C.
  • At the end, the program prints the result after matrix multiplication.

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